Who is Lifeline Outreach Int’l?

Lifeline Outreach Int’l is a faith based,  local Sparks, NV 501(c)3 non-plane-300x225profit organization founded by Maria Krinock.  The organization was birthed out of the villages of Alaska by taking food to villages where there are no roads to ship items easily. Where a gallon of milk would cost $15, and one can of soup $9.  With these prices on food, the people have to literally live off the land by hunting, fishing and whaling to survive. Lifeline Outreach began its journey by taking fresh fruits and vegetables out to these villages in the Arctic. Lifeline Outreach Int’l has expanded over the years servicing not only Alaska, but Florida, food5DSC_0270Nevada, and California with food, clothing, shoes and hygiene items. Lifeline has had the privilege of serving third world countries with medical supplies, such as Haiti, Lebanon, India and Africa.DSC_0031-edited-ustream
Maria now resides in Sparks, NV with her husband Conrad and is actively starting Lifeline Outreach’s first diaper bank!!! This is a need for many in this area.  We will be servicing the Reno/Sparks area and helping families to keep their children in clean diapers.  Sometimes a parent has to choose between feeding or clothing their child.  We will be there to help with both.  The new diaper bank will be launched at The Reno Blessing, June 13th at the Wingfield park.

What is The Reno Blessing?

The Reno Blessing is an avenue to distribute goods to families who need assistance.  Whether it be diapers for your children or food for your whole family.  The Reno Blessing is starting with diapers, but we fully plan on expanding the area of goods as we grow in the Sparks/Reno area.

God’s hand is not short on blessing.