The Blessing


Conrad & Maria Krinock of Lifeline Outreach Int’l lead the way in the annual Reno Blessing.  They travel the Alaskan bush, and the Pacific Northwest helping those in need with food, clothing and basic humanitarian needs, as well as help those to break the chains of addiction, violence and abuse.   They have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods to communities from Alaska, Nevada, California to Florida.

Skechers ClogsOn June 13th, 2015, Lifeline Outreach Int’l with the help of local Reno/Sparks business’ will distribute a minimum of 1000 pairs of NEW Sketchers Uni-sex clogs shoes and over 6000 diapers for children.  Lifeline Outreach Int’l will be launching its first diaper bank that will service the Reno/Sparks region.To register for diapers and/or shoes REGISTER HERE If you would like to help with diaper bank or shoes, please contact us through our CONTACT PAGE.