The Mission

Food distribution to hundreds of families.

Lifeline Outreach Int’l, is a faith based organization that helps low to moderate income families with basic household & humanitarian needs from food, and clothing to shoes, diapers, and hygiene items. In today’s society it has become increasingly challenging to raise a family with two parents let alone one parent. With so many families homeless in the Reno/Sparks area its not difficult to see why a day of blessing is needed.  Whether  married, single, or divorced the challenges of raising a family are the same.  We all need a little help sometimes.

According to the United States Census more than 1 in 7 people live below poverty level in Nevada, and we have over 4800 children in foster care, or homeless.  In the state of Nevada we have 97,000 Hispanic children that have no parent working a full time job year round.  According to the Reno/Sparks Gospel Mission there are as many as 800 people without a home on any given day, right here in Reno, and this does not include the children. We have a lot of families in need and hungry right here in Reno/Sparks region.

Boy receiving food for his family.
Boy receiving food for his family.

With being able to help assist in hunger relief, and basic needs relief, this helps alleviate stress,which brings down the percentage of abuse and domestic violence.